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  • Tungsten Carbide Mill Roller
  • Tungsten Carbide Mill Roller
  • Tungsten Carbide Mill Roller
  • Tungsten Carbide Mill Roller
  • Tungsten Carbide Mill Roller
Tungsten Carbide Mill Roller Tungsten Carbide Mill Roller Tungsten Carbide Mill Roller Tungsten Carbide Mill Roller Tungsten Carbide Mill Roller

Tungsten Carbide Mill Roller

  • Tolerance: ±0.02 mm /as your request
  • wear resistance
  • Certification: ISO9001:2015
  • Dimenstion: Customized
  • Product description: Tungsten carbide roller ring is a kind of metallurgical tool which consists of tungsten carbide and cobalt with high hardness and wear resistance. If the content of the metal binder is increased or th

Detail information

1. Material: good quality WC+Co

2. Grade: YG8 Hardness:HRA89.5

3. Surface: polished

4. various size, can customized

5. Application: For drawing steel and nonferrous wires or bars or tubes,tools or war parts etc

6. We also can produce according to your drawing

Introduction of cemented carbide roller:

Cemented carbide roller used on the stretch reducing mill for bars, thread steel bars and common wire with the durability 10 to 20 times higher compared to common steel roller. The surface quality and the steel bar size accuracy are greatly improved. The cemented carbide roller reduces effectively the production cost and improves the quality.

Advantages of our cemented carbide roller :

1. 10 - 20 times life time longer than steel roller. Saving maintenance time and cost.
2. Improved mechanical properties.
3. Good surface finish and corrosion-resistance.
4. V – U and custom straightening grooves.


Tungsten Carbide is not affected by changes in the environment or external temperature so these durable rollers can be used in either extreme heat or extreme cold. Tungsten carbide rollers are valued for their hardness and resistance to corrosion and, since they can withstand an elevated level of stress, they are the ideal choice for clients in the aeronautic and aerospace industries, the automotive industry and the bearings industry. They are often found in power steering columns or transmission and navigation equipment and can also be used for vibro finishing.

Roller for Profile Wire Rolling, Flat Wire Rolling, Construction Wire Rolling, Plain Wire Rolling and Welding Wire Rolling, Wire Straightening, Wire Guiding etc.
Carbide descaling roller

Carbide reliving roller
Carbide straightening roller

Carbide guide roller



Q1: What’s methods of payments are accepted?

A: We agree T/T ,L/C ,West Union , Money Gram

Q2: What about the Shipments?

A: Bases on other quantity .We can send it to you by Express ,by Air ,by Sea ,and by Train.Or send the goods to your Chinese agent.

Q3: How to control the quality?

A: We should be checking & testing everyone rollers before shipment.

Q4: Do you agree sample order ?

A: Yes ,we are welcome your sample order to testing our quality.

Q5: Can we change to our mark on the button bit?

A: Yes ,we can casting your company mark on the roller.(Except sample order)

Q6: Do you have after-sale service and warranty service ?

A: Any Quality or quantity problem once confirmed,we will be compensate you the same. Any question or problem we will be reply you within 24 hours.

Q7: Can I trust your company ?

A: Our company has been certificated by Chinese government ,and verified by Ali baba Trade Assurance. 100% refund of the Trade Assurance Amount .Ali baba can guarantee all of you payment .Just order from US !

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