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Are you still worried about can't find a good cemented carbide inserts for hard material?

Today, I have a very exciting news to share with you. After the continuous efforts of our team and spent more than a year, we finally developed a grade which suitable for hard-machining workpieces, and the performance-to-price ratio is very high, the price is just 20% higher than that of the general grade. Take the most commonly used cemented carbide inserts as an example: WNMG0804 series, the price of the general grade is 1.32 US dollars per piece. The grade price of the hard-to-process parts is $1.58 per piece.

So far, this grade of CNC blade has been tested by 30 customers in the market, and the response is good.

This time the new grade name is: JH3424, JH3428, JH3425, the color is champagne gold, suitable for M, S, N material processing, but also the first choice for superalloy processing. High density, smooth surface. Good resistance to high temperature, adhesion and wear.
Here is a test report from one of them:

WNMG080408-BM JH3428 Testing Report

Industry: Machine parts Testing person: Mr Xu

region:( Hunan) Testing time: 2023.2. 26

Workpiece maerial: 2205(duplex stainless stell) Processing method: Turing end face and outer circle
Wordpiece specification and machining quantity: φ36 to φ30 end face 1mm Machine tools: CNC special machine
Cooling method: Wet cutting

Brand JAT Brand

WNMG080408-BM JH3428

Insert Type WNMG080408-BM JH3428 WNMG080408-PM-C M20T
Vc (m/min) 100
N (rev/min)

Fz (mm) 0.25 0.25

WNMG080408-PM-C M20T

Vf (mm/min)

Ap (mm) 1.5 1.5
No of workpieces per ege
9 7

Through cutting comparison, our products are 25% higher than those of our competitors.

Before, there has been a customer response that our general grade has been very satisfied, bringing them a lot of new customers and making the business bigger and bigger. every time we hear such news, we feel very happy and proud. quality is indeed our greatest strength in the face of customers.

However, at the same time, there will also be customer feedback, it would be better if we could break through the hard material. Before, although we also had cemented carbide inserts for processing nickel-based alloys, because the content of precious metals was added so much, so the price was very expensive, dealers could not accept it at all and could only sell it to end users, resulting in this piece never getting bigger.
A year ago, the company was determined to develop a model to ensure the quality of the premise, to keep the cost down, we finally achieved.

Now mainly according to the real order in mass production, there is a small amount of inventory for everyone to sample, welcome to contact me to take samples for trial, email:, whatsapp: + 86-15574161911.

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