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  • Tungsten carbide button
  • Tungsten carbide button
  • Tungsten carbide button
  • Tungsten carbide button
  • Tungsten carbide button
Tungsten carbide button Tungsten carbide button Tungsten carbide button Tungsten carbide button Tungsten carbide button

Tungsten carbide button

  • Use: mining, rock, oil-field drilling
  • Sample: Available
  • Size: Customized
  • Material: 100% virgin tungsten carbide
  • Product description: Tungsten carbide button is widely used in petroleum drilling, snow plow equipment, cutting tools, mining machinery, road maintenance and coal drilling tools.It is also can used as excavating tools for

Tungsten Carbide Buttons for Mining

Describ :

This kind of products is mainly used for high and low air pressure drill bit, hydraulic screw bit, etc., suitable for cold or hot tooth setting process, some materials can be used for welding process, product quality is stable, excellent performance, reach or exceed the domestic leading level;The product variety is complete and with first-class quality.

Tungsten Carbide For Oil and Steam field Drill

Describ :

This kind of products are mainly used for drilling in oil and steam fields. Large open pit mines are equipped with three-cone drill bits. The excellent stability of the products ensures the safety and reliability of deep well mining.

Tungsten Carbide for Milling and digging


This kind of alloy is mainly used in coal mining, roadway tunneling, pile foundation hole rotary digging, road surface milling and planing.

Tungsten carbide for Geotechnical


This kind of alloy is mainly used for bridge pile foundation excavation, tunnel shield tunneling, urban road crossing, mine wear resistant parts, high-speed railway, highway maintenance, etc.The product specification is complex, the application domain is extensive, the quality is stable and reliable.

Grade Performance

How to choice the right grade?

Notice: Following link is our specification of new grade JT05A, testing result in construction.


Carbide buttons, with their unique properties, are widely used in oil field drilling and snow removal, snow plough or other equipment.

According to different oil field drilling machinery, such as cone bit, downhole bit, geological drilling tool, cemented carbide button are divided into different standard styles: p-type flat top position, z-type coin ball position, x-type wedge position.
Stability and high technology ensure the high quality of our products, the cemented carbide button are often used as shearer drilling tools, mining machinery tools and road maintenance tools for snow removal and road cleaning.
Cemented carbide mining button are also widely used as mining tools in quarrying, mining, tunnel excavation and civil buildings.In addition, it is also used as a bit fitting for heavy duty drill or deep hole bit tool fitting.



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