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Our service must be satisfied you

1. High efficiency: within working days, we can not only reply to you within 12 hours, but basically within 48 hours that we could give you a more comprehensive multiple answer, including quotation, delivery date, inventory situation, material, payment method, whether there is a mold or not, and some other of your concerns.

2: Professional: we have been getting tungsten carbide products training for every week, our boss attaches great importance to the staff's professional knowledge reserves, so our professional level should be higher than the general salesman, communication is fast and convenient, at the same time more to ensure that you get the product is confirm with your requirements.

3: Quality control: before each batch of mass process, we will make a batch of small material to test, generally includes density, hardness, bending strength, metallographic, cobalt Zi, if all normal indicators qualified, then, to proceed with mass production.

After the blank comes out, we will check again and add size checking this time.

The fine ground tungsten carbide goods, we would check the size of each product after processing, not just sampling inspection, so your products is more guarantee.

4: Grade customized: we could produce all the common grade on the market, same time we could also develop a grade according to your actual processing situation, a grade that only belongs to you.

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Whatsapp: kogin

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